the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium known as T-Mobile Park

Guide to the Seattle Mariners stadium

T-Mobile Park is the home field of the Seattle Mariners major league baseball team. Nestled in the industrial section of the city, the Seattle Mariners stadium is a fusion of retro charm and modern functionality.

The brick façade of the Mariners ballpark is a nod to the industrial heritage of the neighborhood. Meanwhile the stadium’s steel-cross structures are reminiscent of the soaring shipping cranes of the Seattle port.

T-Mobile Park’s retractable roof is unique from the others found at MLB ballparks in Toronto, Tampa Bay, Texas, Houston, Florida, Arizona and Milwaukee. Rather than enclosing the ballpark, T-Mobile Park’s roof serves as a giant umbrella. It covers the seats and field when the elements turn, while remaining open on its sides to let light and air in.

Quick facts about T-Mobile Park in Seattle

  • 1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, USA.
  • T-Mobile Park opened in 1999, as Safeco Field. It was renamed T-Mobile Park in 2019.
  • Seating capacity of 47,929.
  • The Mariners ballpark contains enough steel to construct a 55-story skyscraper.
  • With a push of a button the stadium roof closes in 10-20 minutes.
  • If a ball hits a roof truss that’s over fair territory and the ball is caught, the batter is out.
  • The scoreboard in Center Field is the largest in the MLB.
  • In the main concourse there’s a 27’ mariner’s compass embedded in the floor.
  • The first game at the Mariners stadium was played against the San Diego Padres.
  • The first home run at the Seattle Mariners field was hit by Mariner’s third baseman Russ Davis.
  • Seattle Mariners schedule and tickets.

Where to sit for a game at the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium

  • Affordable ticket: Section 321. Great view of the field and the city skyline at a budget-stretching price. For a second option get a seat in the 330s behind home plate.
  • Best view & price ticket: Sections 220-240. These seats encompass the home plate area. You’ll have a nice panoramic view of the entire infield.
  • Catch a home run ticket: Sections 102-109 (Right Field) or 150-151 (Left Field).
  • Avoid the sun ticket: If you don’t want to catch any rays get a ticket at the top of the 300-level, either behind home plate or along the 3rd base side of the Mariner’s field.
  • Splurge ticket: Diamond Club seats. You’ll be sitting 1 to 8 rows up from the field behind the backstop and spoiled with theater-style seating, included drinks and a gourmet buffet, plus parking.

TIP #1: With the roof closed the Mariners ballpark remains an open-air stadium, so dress in layers when you attend a game. With its location near the water, the temperature at T-Mobile Park can quickly drop, even in the summertime. You may even want to pack a blanket.

TIP #2: Throughout the season, after specific games, the Mariners host Fireworks Nights at T-Mobile Park. The show begins 15 minutes after the final out of the game. Add an extra bang for your buck. Check the schedule to see if a Fireworks Night aligns with your visit.

TIP #3: Want to get an idea of what the view will be like from your seats at the Mariners field? Use the T-Mobile Park Virtual Venue.

When to buy tickets for your game at T-Mobile Park

The Seattle Mariners stadium has the sixth largest seating capacity of all 30 major league baseball parks.

This means you shouldn’t have any trouble getting tickets to the game you want to see.

However, if you want to sit in a particular section or area of the Mariners field buy your tickets in advance of your visit to T-Mobile Park.

Tickets can be purchased on the Mariners website or from a reseller like Stubhub.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Seattle Mariners stadium

There are three ballpark tours you can take of T-Mobile Park. Each one is led by a knowledgeable guide who will give you the inside scoop on the Mariner’s ballpark and the team’s history. How much you get to see will depend on the tour you take.

Non-Gameday Tour
On this 75-minute tour you’ll get to check out the Visiting Team Clubhouse because there’s no game taking place that day. Plus, you’ll visit the Owners’ Suite, Muckleshoot Interview Room, and Warning Track.

Gameday Tour
Only available on game days where the first pitch is after 6:00 PM. Tours run at 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. 75-minutes in length, the Gameday Tour includes stops at the Rooftop Boardwalk, Mariners Hall of Fame, Muckleshoot Diamond Club and Warning Track.

Pre-Game Tour
This 60-minute tour is a guided walk and talk. It includes an overview of the history of baseball in Seattle and time in a special viewing area to watch batting practice.

NOTE: Tickets for all three tours can only be purchased online at Tours sell out fast so buy your tickets in advance.

Hotels near T-Mobile Park

Looking for a place to stay? Here are a few hotel suggestions that are near the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium.

Right across from T-Mobile Park. Silver Cloud Hotel. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: Spacious rooms, a rooftop terrace with swimming pool, sauna, and stunning views of the city. Minutes away from restaurants, shopping, galleries, the Seattle Waterfront, Seattle Aquarium, Port of Seattle, and downtown Seattle.

Steps from downtown attractions. The Charter Hotel Seattle, Curio Collection by Hilton. 4/5 on TripAdvisor: Upscale hotel provides modern and chic accommodations. Rooms include luxurious bedding, a 55-inch HDTV with streaming capability, and a mini-fridge. There’s a rooftop lounge offering panoramic views too.

Short walk to ballpark and Pike Place Market. Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Pioneer Square. 4/5 on TripAdvisor: Nestled in the historic Pioneer Square district. Contemporary rooms and modern amenities.

Complimentary breakfast. Best Western Plus Pioneer Square Hotel Downtown. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: Housed in a historic building, this hotel provides cozy rooms, and a central location in Pioneer Square. An excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers who want a comfortable stay near the ballpark.

Every room is a suite. Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown Pioneer Square. 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor: Spacious accommodations. Complimentary breakfast. Conveniently located in Pioneer Square, close to the ballpark and other top attractions in Seattle.

On the waterfront at Pier 67. The Edgewater Hotel. 4/5 on TripAdvisor: Luxury accommodations with breathtaking views of Elliot Bay. Within walking distance of the ballpark and Seattle’s other attractions.

Arrive early to your game at the Seattle Mariners stadium

The gates to T-Mobile Park open 90 minutes before game time.

TIP: For quick entry into the Seattle Mariners stadium go to the Mariners Team Store on 1st Avenue. Get your ticket scanned here, then go upstairs to the memorabilia room and enter the park. Great trick to use if it’s a giveaway day too.

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to head down to the Mariners ballpark right when it opens.

See the statues outside the park: The Seattle Mariners stadium features three notable statues. Two are located outside T-Mobile Park by the home plate entrance. The first one is of Ken Griffey Jr., the Mariners center fielder who hit 630 homeruns, won 10 gold gloves and appeared in the all-star game 13 times.

Not far from the Griffey statue is one of Edgar Martinez. Martinez had a career batting average of .312. He was also a five-time Silver Slugger and two-time batting champion. His statue is a tribute to the double he hit to win the Mariners the 1995 American League Division Series.

Don’t miss the mitt: This is an abstract sculpture of a baseball glove. It’s on display outside the Left Field gate at T-Mobile Park. The hole in the center of the glove represents two things: a baseball and a hole made in the glove by a smokin’ fastball!

Read the quotes: No matter which gate you enter T-Mobile Park through, you will see a plaque with a quote that pays homage to the grand old game.

More reasons to get to Mariners field early

Get your “first game” certificate: Get a free keepsake of your first Mariners game at T-Mobile Park. Head over to the guest services kiosk behind home plate on the 100 level to pick up your commemorative certificate.

Visit the Mariners Hall of Fame: Located in the Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest on the main concourse at T-Mobile Park.

The hall honors players and staff who have had an impact on the Seattle Mariners baseball club. Beside each player’s plaque you can see a highlight video of their career as well as memorabilia.

But this is just the start.

Be sure and check out the Museum’s other displays including Gold Gloves, baseball bats and the dugout bench from the Mariner’s previous home field, the Kingdome.

Take in the details of the Dave Niehaus statue: Dave Niehaus was the Mariners radio play-by-play announcer from their inception in 1977 until the end of the 2010 season. As a tribute to Dave, there’s a statue of him along the Center Field concourse.

Not only is the statue an excellent likeness of Dave it also includes a variety of nice touches.

There’s a recreation of one of Dave’s favorite ties.

Beside him is a score book from the Mariner’s infamous Game 5 American League Division Series victory over the New York Yankees.

And on the railing behind the statue is a collection of Dave’s most famous catch phrases.

Admire the art at T-Mobile Park: It’s not just the statues that are impressive at the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium. Throughout the ballpark there’s a real commitment to celebrating and supporting local artists.

Perhaps the most striking piece is “The Tempest”. This 27-foot-wide chandelier is in the main entry to T-Mobile Park. Look closely and you’ll see its 1,000 translucent lights are shaped like baseball bats.

Other noteworthy works of art include MLB team logos made from recycled trash. A sculpture of different pitch grips. And striking murals depicting Mariners moments, players, and fans.

Meet the mascot: Mariner the Moose is the official mascot of the Seattle Mariners. Before game time you can mingle with the Moose at Section 191 out in Center Field.

Get a giveaway: if there’s a game day promotion going on at the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium, getting through the gates as close to when they open will increase your chances of scoring the item.

Watch Batting Practice: more on this below.

Hang in the T-Mobile ‘Pen at the Mariners ballpark

Want to get in earlier than when the stadium’s gates open? Go to the T-Mobile ‘Pen, a fan experience area in the outfield. It opens 2 hours before game time. There are a variety of things to see and do once you’re inside the ‘Pen.

Check out the cool street art on the walls. Try some augmented reality games. Create a virtual bobblehead of yourself and share it with your friends and family. Enjoy the tunes being spun by the ‘Pen’s DJs.

Feeling parched? You’re in luck. Prior to the game the ‘Pen has happy hour. Choose a pint from their excellent selection of craft beers.

Drink in hand, head down to the ‘Pen’s patio where you can watch pitchers working out and batting practice taking place—the patio is a great spot to catch a home run ball too.

TIP: Cell phone almost out of charge? No worries. Throughout the T-Mobile ‘Pen there are pink charging rails and charging stations you can use for free.

What time is batting practice at the Seattle Mariners stadium?

Being the home team the Mariners will take batting practice first at T-Mobile Park. This will be approximately 2.5 hours before game time.

Enter the park when the gates to the stadium officially open, which is 1.5 hours before first pitch, and you won’t get to see the Mariners take their cuts. However, there are two ways you can see the Mariners in the cage.

  1. Go to the T-Mobile ‘Pen. It opens 2 hours before first pitch which means you will probably catch the tail end of the Mariner’s BP session.
  2. Take the Pregame Tour. Viewing batting practice is included as part of this tour.

If your schedule only allows for you to get to the ballpark when the gates open 1.5 hours before first pitch, you’ll be able to see the visiting team take batting practice.

Is your goal to try and snag a home run ball? Go to outfield sections 102-109 or 150-151. If your preference is to be where it is less crowded, sections 106-108 are your best options.

Best selfie spots at the Mariners ballpark

Want to know a few cool places at T-Mobile Park to snap a pic of yourself? Here are some hot spots that are distinctly representative of the Mariners ballpark.

In front of Ken Griffey Jr. statue: Take a selfie with this iconic statue which celebrates the Hall of Famer and one of the most beloved players in Mariners history.

Overlooking the bullpen: Head into the T-Mobile ‘Pen and take a pic with the pitchers warming up in bullpen in the background.

Beside the Dave Niehaus statue: Get up close with this statue of the Mariner’s longtime radio broadcaster.

With the mascot: Make tracks for Section 191 out in Centre Field and get a pic with the Mariner Moose prior to game time.

In the Mariners Hall of Fame: Mariners’ memorabilia in the background of your pic will quickly confirm which city you’re in.

With the outfield in the background: Walk around the concourse until the outfield, scoreboard, and roof form the perfect backdrop.

Best place for autographs at T-Mobile Park

If you’re an autograph hound the key to a successful quest is to enter the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium when it opens 1.5 hours before first pitch.

Once inside boogie to Sections 118-120 if your goal is a Mariners autograph.

If it’s the visiting team you’re targeting make your way to sections 140-142.

Buy a cup of toasted grasshoppers to chomp on

Did you know one of the most popular food items available at T-Mobile Park is toasted grasshoppers?!

Introduced to the stadium’s menu in 2017, these crunchy critters are seasoned with chili lime salt and served in a cup. A longtime favorite snack in Mexico, toasted grasshoppers are healthy. They are high in protein and contain no fat and no carbs. And they’re gluten-free too.

A limited number of grasshoppers get toasted up for each game. If you want to try this unique ballpark snack hop over the Edgar’s Cantina (named after the Mariners legendary DH, Edgar Martinez) as soon as you arrive at the ballpark.

6 other ballpark foods you gotta try at the Seattle Mariners stadium

T-Mobile Park serves up more than toasted grasshoppers. Here are some of the other fan favorites available at the ballpark’s concession stands.

Ivar’s Acres of Clams Fish and Chips: Sample a Seattle institution. Crispy fried fish accompanied by seasoned fries.

The Grilled Cheese Stand: Comfort food with unique fillings for a gourmet twist.

Garlic Fries: Known for their robust garlic flavor and crispy texture.

Paseo Caribbean Sandwich: Made by a beloved local eatery. Features marinated pork, caramelized onions, and a flavorful aioli.

Edgar’s Tacos: Available at Edgar’s Cantina, these specialty tacos showcase flavors inspired by Edgar Martinez’s Puerto Rican heritage.

Seattle Dog with Cream Cheese: The combination of the warm bun, grilled sausage, and creamy cream cheese is a local favorite.

Welcome to craft beer Heaven

If you enjoy trying local craft beers when you visit a city for the first time you’re going to love T-Mobile Park.

Like Petco Park in San Diego, the Seattle Mariner’s baseball stadium carries a multitude of craft beer options for you to try.

They also carry a nice selection of domestic beers too.

In total there are over 50 brands of beer available at T-Mobile Park.

To help you track down the one you’re thirsting for, they created the T-Mobile Park Beverage Finder.

Where to get Seattle Mariners souvenirs

Seeking the perfect souvenir to take home from your visit to watch a Seattle Mariners game at T-Mobile Park? The Mariners Team Store at the ballpark is your number one source.

Here you’ll find the largest selection of Mariners merch. Many items are exclusive to the store. This is the place for hats, apparel, collectibles, pins, bobbleheads, pet apparel and more.

Want something even more unique? How about a game-used or autographed item?

Bring home something extra cool for your collection or man cave.

Choose from items such as lineup cards, baseballs, bases, bats, jerseys and more. Plus, everything for sale is authenticated by Major League Baseball so you know you’re getting the real deal.

To get an idea of what’s typically available visit

3 dining recommends near the Seattle Mariners baseball stadium

Hungry for a few suggestions of where you and your family or friends can go for a bite to eat before or after the game at T-Mobile Park? Here are some places we recommend for their proximity to the park, food and atmosphere.

Hatback Bar & Grille: Across from T-Mobile Park. Burgers, pizza, wings, and fresh seafood. 20 screens for catching the latest game. Plus, there’s an on-site microbrewery.

The Collins Pub: Great representation of the Seattle beer scene to choose from. Menu of scrumptious options that will hit the spot. Try the Tower Steak Sandwich or Crab Cake BLT.

Il Terrazzo Carmine: Feel like Italian? Enjoy traditional Italian dishes with a focus on quality ingredients.
Try the “Ravioli di Zucca,” a dish of homemade pumpkin-filled ravioli with sage and brown butter sauce.

2 sports bars near T-Mobile Park

Get a taste of what it’s like to be a Seattle sports fan. Hang out where they hang out. Here are a couple of Seattle sports bars where you can grab a pint and some hearty food.

The Press Box: Lots of screens to catch the latest big game or match. All your favorite sports bar grub—burgers, pizza, wings, plus a few surprises. Try the Space Needle Lobster Mac.

Sluggers: For years this Seattle sports bar has been a hot spot for drinks, eats and watching the city’s major league sports teams battle it out. Classic bar food. Try the bacon cheeseburger.

Other things to plan during your visit to the Mariners ballpark

Going to be spending a few days exploring some of the other things to see and do in Seattle during your baseball trip to T-Mobile Park? To help you map out your itinerary we’ve put together a list of what we would recommend.

See Seattle’s other major league sports teams play: The NFL, NHL, MLS and WNBA all call Seattle home. The only thing better than seeing an MLB game in Seattle is bundling it with Seahawks, Kraken, Sounders and/or Storm game. Check Stubhub for tickets.

Shop for vintage sportswear: 2 blocks from T-Mobile Park is Ebbets Field Flannels. If you’re into vintage sports team jerseys, jackets, hats, and sweaters make time to check this place out.

Take a City Tour of Seattle: Get to know the history and highlights of Seattle by taking a 3-hour guided tour.

Go on a Seattle Coffee Culture Tour: Seattle is known throughout the world for its coffee culture. Learn how it all started and about the many coffee trends that were born here.

Head up the Space Needle: Take the elevator to the observation deck of Seattle’s iconic tower. Enjoy panoramic views of the city, Elliott Bay, and the surrounding mountains.

Visit Pike Place Market: Explore one of the oldest public farmers’ markets in the United States. Enjoy fresh produce, local crafts, and see the famous flying fish.

See the Gum Wall: Walk down Post Alley near Pike Place Market to see this famous wall. It’s covered with layers of chewed gum, creating a colorful and unusual urban art installation.

Stroll the Seattle Waterfront: Visit attractions like the Seattle Aquarium, enjoy seafood at one of many waterfront restaurants, take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel and more.

Get inspired at the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP): Dive into the world of music, science fiction, and pop culture at MoPOP. The museum features interactive exhibits and showcases the history of popular music and contemporary culture.

Embark on the Boeing Factory Tour: Take a guided tour of the Boeing factory in nearby Everett. See the assembly of commercial airplanes up close.

Beat your score at the Seattle Pinball Museum: Play vintage and modern pinball machines at the Seattle Pinball Museum. Play is unlimited with the price of admission.

Enjoy planning your visit to T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington!

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