the action outside Fenway Park on Lansdowne Street before a Boston Red Sox game

Get the full-on ballpark experience

There’s nothing like visiting a major league ballpark you’ve only ever seen on TV before.

In a lot of cases, it may be the only time you’ll ever visit that stadium.

Here at Pack the Jersey we want to make sure that if it is your one and only time, that you have all the information, insights, and insider tips you need to get the full-on ballpark experience.

We’re MLB baseball stadium geeks and we believe the more you know about the MLB baseball park you’re visiting, the more memorable your visit will be.

Lucky for you we’ve already done the research.

We’ve jammed everything we’ve learned into our MLB stadium guides.

Check them out.

Each one is an advanced scouting report that gets you up to speed before you head to the ballpark. You’ll know everything you need to know to ensure your visit to the stadium is the full-on experience.

Have a great time at the ballpark!

Photo Credit: Aubrey Odom on Unsplash